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Predicting LSU Player Ratings in EA CFB 25

May 14, 2024

Alright, folks, the time is nearly here. The moment we’ve been waiting 11 years for.

It’s time for me to break the journalistic fourth wall and have a little fun with the readers.

EA Sports is set to make the official announcement for the new upcoming EA Sports College Football 2025 on Thursday. In case you’ve been living under a rock, this is a continuation of the NCAA Football series that got canceled 11 years ago after a series of lawsuits. 

Fast forward a decade later, and now a little thing called NIL has enabled EA to pay the players in its game for their likeness. This means the game should be even more realistic and fun than it was before when we had the infamous “Texas A&M QB #2.” This player would just so happen to have the same height, weight, home state, jersey number and skill ratings as Johnny Manziel.

Gone are the days of EA pretending these players aren't the same. This year, every player who opted in will receive a $600 stipend, and they will receive a copy of the game.

That being said... let’s take a whack at what LSU players will be rated.

DISCLAIMER - This is NOT how good or bad I think the players are. This is simply what I predict, EA will rate them as.

If you want to skip ahead to the ratings, just scroll down until you see the names and numbers. But, if you want a breakdown of how I came up with these figures just keep reading.

There’s a certain Baseline EA uses for incoming recruits and players who haven’t had a chance to deliver results on the field yet. I’m assuming these will be the same as it was in the previous iterations of the game. It very well could be different given players can now be marketed and EA can use their rating as a marketing tool. So, don’t be surprised if Shedeur Sanders is a 99 overall and on the cover. After all, the end goal is to sell games rather than produce accurate ratings.

That being said know that players are rated on a 55-99 scale with 99 being the absolute best.

Roughly speaking here’s what the ranges mean:

94-99: Elite Player First-Round Talent

88-93: Very Good Player 

83-87: Above Average in P5 Conferences

77-82: Average P5 Player

70-76: Below Average P5 Player

60-69: Bad Player

Below 60: Walk-on caliber player that will typically be cut

I know the first thing people are going to complain about is “so and so isn’t rated high enough.” Well, the reality is very few players get rated above 95. For instance, in the latest version of the game, Johnny Manziel was in it as the reigning Heisman Winner. He was a 97 overall. In fact there were only ten quarterbacks above a 90 overall. 

The fact is, unless you are a proven All-Conference type player, you aren’t going to be in the 90s.

For unproven players, the game tends to use a baseline rating based on recruiting rankings. The equation is roughly:

5-Star - 77-83 Overall

4-star 72-79 Overall

3 star 66-74 Overall

2-star 69 and below

After each season the progressed players 3-6 points typically. there are rare examples of players being out of this range. So for a 4-star recruit that hasn’t played for two years, you can expect the game to add 6-12 points to their initial rating.

That being said, let’s take a look at these ratings!


Daniel Vlosky / Geaux Edits


Garrett Nussmeier - 89

Rickie Collins - 78

AJ Swann - 78

Colin Hurley - 77

Notes: Nussmeier was a difficult one to assign a score for. While he’s certainly poised for a big season, he’s mostly unproven on the field. I compare this situation most closely to Zach Mettenberger in 2012. Both were quarterbacks stepping into a starting role with a lot of hype. Mettenberger was rated an 87. The big difference here is Nussmeier actually has a start at LSU where he hung 395 yards on a top-40 defense. He also was flawless in the Spring Game, which was enough for me to give him a two-point bump above 2012 Mettenberger.

Running Back

Josh Williams - 84

Kaleb Jackson - 83

Trey Holly - 80

Caden Durham - 78

Notes: While Kaleb Jackson seems to be the most talented back on LSU’s roster, Williams' experience, blocking ability and catching ability will be enough to give him the nod. But, it’s certainly close.

Wide Receiver

Kyren Lacy - 88

CJ Daniels - 86

Chris Hilton - 86

Zayvion Thomas - 83

Aaron Anderson - 81

Kyle Parker - 81

Shelton Sampson - 79

Kylan Billiot - 76

Jelani Watkins - 75

Landon Ibieta - 75

Michael Turner - 74

Notes: No Superstars in this group, but a bunch of guys knocking on the door. CJ Daniels is a 1,000-yard receiver, but he didn’t do it at the P5 level and he hasn’t officially grabbed a starting spot yet. This group has a ton of potential to prove EA wrong this season.

Tight End 

Mason Taylor - 88

Ka'Morreun Pimpton - 82

Mac Markway - 82

Trey'Dez Green - 81

Notes: I think most folks realize Mason Taylor’s production dropped last year as a result of LSU’s elite receiving corps - not because he slumped as a player. I think he’ll be appropriately respected, but won’t quite make that 90+ club. I believe Trey’Dez Green will be LSU’s highest-rated incoming freshman. He’s not only a five-star, but a five-star at a position that tends to have lower-rated players than most. 

Offensive Tackle

Will Campbell - 96

Emery Jones - 90

Bo Bordelon - 79

Weston Davis - 77

Tyree Adams - 75

Ethan Calloway - 73

Ory Williams - 72

Notes: Now this is where I expect fans to start getting their torches and pitchforks after me. Most fans know Will Campbell is considered the best offensive tackle in the country. And I believe EA recognizes that. So why isn’t he a 99? Well simply put 99s are rare. In the last version of the game, there was one 99 in the entire game (South Carolina Defensive End Jadeveon Clowney). The highest-rated offensive tackle was Jake Matthews at a 96. The reigning Heisman winner, Johnny Manziel, was only a 97. There were actually three positions that didn’t have a single player above a 94. The point is, a 96 should be high enough to be the highest-rated tackle in the country. I also feel confident in saying Emory Jones will rightfully be recognized as a 90.

Offensive Guard

Miles Frazier - 88

Garrett Dellinger - 86

Paul Mubenga - 76

Khayree Lee - 73

Notes: While LSU’s guards haven’t gotten quite the amount of love that the tackles have, I expect they will be recognized as good players. 


DJ Chester - 79

Coen Echols - 75

Notes: Chester had a strong Spring and possibly ran off LSU’s backup center, Marlon Martinez, last season. This is one rating I think I predict I’m going to disagree with EA on. I believe he’s a few points better than a 79 however, he just hasn’t shown enough on the field yet to earn a higher rating.


Daniel Vlosky / Geaux Edits

Defensive tackle

Jacobian Guillory - 84

Gio Paez - 81

Dominick McKinley - 79

Jalen Lee - 77

Shone Washington - 74

Jay’Viar Suggs - 74

Kimo Makane'ole - 73

DeMyrion Johnson - 72

Notes: While many fans expect this to be a glaring weakness until LSU lands someone in the transfer portal, on paper it won’t look so bad. Guillory is a veteran player who hasn’t produced at an elite level, but certainly enough to earn his 84. Gio Paez comes in after a solid season at Wisconsin good enough for an 81. Dominick McKinley is a five-star player, but I have him a couple points below Trey’Dez Green. Ultimately, McKinley didn’t produce at the level Green did in high school and he plays a position where high ratings are more common. I feel good about giving him a respectable 79.


Saivion Jones - 82

Da'Shawn Womack - 78

Paris Shand - 78

Bradyn Swinson - 78

Gabriel Reliford - 77

CJ Jackson - 74

Dylan Carpenter - 74

Kolaj Cobbins - 74

Ahmad Breaux - 73

Notes: LSU has plenty of returning players at edge. Unfortunately, no one from last year’s defense played well enough to earn a high rating.  Even though there’s some cross over when it comes to a player playing linebacker or Edge in LSU’s defense, I expect EA will list the players as LSU lists them on the official roster - so I will do the same here.


Harold Perkins - 94

Greg Penn - 85

Whit Weeks - 82

West Weeks - 79

Xavier Atkins - 74

Tylen singleton - 74

Dahvon Keys - 72

Notes: Linebacker is easily LSU’s best group on defense. Harold Perkins produced so well as a true freshman, he might have been a 94 overall last year. However, this last season he saw a decline in impactful plays (as did almost everyone on LSU’s defense). I think most people in the country are willing to blame that on Matt House and expect him to bounce back to being an elite player. Based on what I’ve seen many national pundits still consider him among the best linebackers in the country. Greg Penn and Whit Weeks played well enough last season to earn respectable ratings. 


Zy Alexander - 82

Javien Toviano - 79

PJ Woodland - 77

Jyaire Brown - 77

Ashton Stamps - 77

JK Johnson - 76

Ju'Juan Johnson - 75

Bernard Causey - 72

Wallace Foster - 71

Notes: Cornerback really is a toss-up. Zy Alexander isn’t actually a shoe in to start for LSU, but he is a returning starter. That’s good enough to pencil him in as the highest-rated cornerback until Fall camp comes around and we see otherwise. I might argue this group is rated a bit too high given the results from a year ago. However, I just don’t see EA going much lower than this for a program like LSU.


Sage Ryan - 83

Major Burns - 81

Jardin Gilbert - 80

Dashawn McBride - 77

Kylin Jackson - 76

Jordan Allen - 75

Joel Rogers - 74

Austin Ausberry - 71

Notes: Major Burns will benefit greatly from switching to a new role in Blake Baker’s defense. His “Star” back position, which plays like a hybrid linebacker/safety is perfect for a big-bodied safety like Burns. Sage Rayn has taken a lot of heat for not living up to his five-star rating. But at times last year he was LSU’s best defensive back (not saying much, I know). He’s a veteran player good enough to earn that 83 rating. Dashawn McBride and Kylin Jackson showed enough in Spring ball to earn high rating for 4-star players.

Kickers and Punters

P Peyton Todd - 79

K Damian Ramos - 85

K Nathan Dibert - 79

K Aeron Burrell - 76

LS Slade Roy - 84

Notes: Ramos has been steady and consistent throughout his career. He doesn’t have a booming leg, but a reliable one. Peyton Todd however has struggled with consistency in practice.

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