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LSU QB commit Hurley off-season regimen and full 2022 season film

December 12, 2022

LSU class of 2024 five-star quarterback commit Colin Hurley‍ reached out to TigerBait with an extensive summary of what his off-season plans are in order to improve himself in all areas.

From Hurley:

I’ve completed a “de-load” phase, where we allow for a brief period of “unplugging” from football. This “disconnection” facilitates a physical, psychological, physiological, emotional and full recovery.

My mind, body, soul and arm, all recharge, recuperate, rally and get ready for what will be a complex and comprehensively designed sports performance regimen.

Now, I’m in the hands of some of the best minds in football, at any level.

Dr. Tom Gormely, who is a foremost expert in throwing, will essentially oversee all of it. He’s the architect and he’s created a blueprint that includes my lifts, sprints, throwing, film review, arm care and so much more. Dr. Tom is one of the most knowledgeable persons in my camp. He’s got a hand in every aspect of my training, development and playing.

I have two QB Developers in Will Hewlett and Denny Thompson. Both have unique roles in my throwing development. Our plan will include a wide-range of high-level elite QB training. Coach Hewlett says, “it’s important for me to be and act as an operator.” We’re going to focus on everything.

Coach AJ Basso, my strength and speed coach, works under Dr. Gormely, and he’s also a key member of our my camp.

All of them recently sat down and carefully designed and programmed my schedule for the next five months. I’m grateful to have them and they deserve so much credit. They really work hard.

I underwent a thorough screening on a Motion-Capturing (MoCap) system, where my entire throwing and rotational sequencing was examined. This allows us to capture macro data and information, at a micro and macro level, to understand what I do well and efficient, as well as areas where I can improve. This testing looks at every component of the throwing process - ground force, front side, balance, spine, gluteus, thoracic region, biomechanics, kinetics, sway, mobility, performance, velocity, arm speed, rotation, hip-shoulder separation, pronation, flexion, addiction, ball revolution, speed, flight and turnover, and so much more. It’s cutting edge science that carefully scans movement.

I plan to get bigger, stronger, more powerful, faster and smarter. I figure I will add 5-7 pounds, which will put me at 221 lbs. My lifts are already around the numbers posted most college linebackers, so I have a good base of strength. I’m definitely going to focus on power, explosion and speed training.

As far as QB development, there are some things we’re focusing on. My data from the MoCap was an excellent data dump. I have areas that were elite and very efficient, as well as areas where we feel we can make improvements. That’s important to me. I don’t want to be told, “you’re great” or “everything looks good.” I want to know where I can get better. I want to be pushed. I want to be challenged. I want to be coached hard. I want to be my own worst critic. I want to be the best I can be. That’s just who I am. My throwing program will use data, science and “expert eyes,” in its design, implementation and evaluation. There will be no wasted time. No useless drills. No over-coaching. Very little social media. It’s all about development. It’s hyper-focused. I can’t wait.

I will also be doing some stuff on the 7v7 circuit. I love the culture, fun, travel and competition part of 7v7. I won’t do too much, but I’ll bomb a few tournaments and we will win some hardware.

My focus is really on development. I want to finish my senior year at Trinity Christian and lead my team to one more state title. I’m also focused on preparing to arrive at LSU, ready to learn, lead, compete and win a national championship, while graduating a champion.

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